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      The Special Needs Games section of the International National Games shares the similar spirit for special needs individuals as the mainstream: Re-invent ourselves in the knowledge sector and develop our human capital to serve our country independently. The International National Games Team intends to propagate a spirit of brotherhood and unity amongst all Emiratis regardless of their physical and mental shortcomings. Games designed in this section stimulate cognitive, physical as well as psyhco-social development of special needs individuals. The activities of The International National Games are geared towards strengthening and enhancing life skills to enable individuals to increase their productivity in public and private sector. Special needs individuals too will play an integral role in enabling the International to flourish in the future.
Living up to our mission statement "One Union, One Team Spirit", The International National Games Team has conducted special research efforts to enable all Special Needs individuals, regardless of their age and background to participate in International National Games.

The Special Needs Game Context and Facilitators
Special needs gaming environment developed by The International National Games Team is established through professional collaboration with experts in the field of Special Education. Physical and cognitive-level sensitive features are integrated throughout the game context. Safety and well-being of the special needs participants is a priority. Facilitators for these games have a strong background in caring for individuals with Autism, ADD, ADHD, intellectually challenged, physically impaired and many other concerns in International. They know how to communicate the rules and winning criteria of all games. They are well versed with psychological limitations of various special needs individuals and will work with the primary care provider of the participant.

The Special Needs Game Information
Information about all Special Needs Games can be obtained by clicking on each game. Please contact us if you have any questions. Being prepared beforehand is acing half the game. Make sure the participant understands the game he/she is interested in to minimize unexpected unpleasantness. If you have a game you would like to suggest, please send us an email.
Register before the event to improve slot distribution. We look forward to see you at the venue to celebrate with us with complete zest and fervor, the International National Games.

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