Calorie Counter

Learn how many calories are burnt in various physical and stationary activities
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Discipline   health Sciences
Name    Calorie Counter
Goal    Learn how many calories are burnt in various physical and stationary activities
Learning Objectives    Encourage physical activities and calorie consciousness in a fitness regime
Skills    All ages are welcome, to promote cooperative learning and physical fitness awareness in Emiratis.
Props    Exercise equipment like the trampoline, jump rope, step, plyometric exercises, weights, heart rate and pulse monitor.
Session Time    30 min
Teams   15 participants in a session
• All participants take turns to use an exercise area and its equipment for a prescribed time under the observation of a fitness expert facilitator.
• Facilitator measures heart rate, pulse, weight, Basal Metabolic Rate and fat burning heart rate zone for each individual and advises accordingly.
Climax Facilitator concludes the session after 30 minutes.
Winning Criteria    Facilitator describes healthy heart rate and other indexes to aim for to the group.
Prize    Everyone gets customized advices on maintaining physical fitness for life.
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