How to play with us


Players are invited to participate in a game of their choice, if the participation is onsite, they will be given time to train and practice according to their schedule with the aid of a facilitator, the facilitator will be from the National Games team or the players can be participate through online & share with us their videos.Participants will improve their scores through practice and prepare to win at the National Games main Event.

How are scores recorded?

Active Assessment is a trademark of International National Games.It is a set of criteria for a particular game that helps determine the performance score of the individual playing the game.Each game facilitator is trained to administer the Active Assessment sheet for the game and individual.Each game facilitator will record the score of all players in a database.The highest score-building individual is the record-maker for the game.A game can be scored using a timer only or an Active Assessment sheet.


  • Find the most talented players.
  • Record making oppurtunity.
  • Add the winner’s name in national games record book.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Communication and team developement.
  • Creativity,Innovation.
  • improved skills for the job market.